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Limitless Possibilities

Another Day at the Office

Waiting for Something to Show Us the Way When the Path Before Us is So Unclear

Another Day at the Office

Youtube Music Video Lyrics Trapt - New Beginning The pressure is building I want to break awayMotivation is lacking the point starts to fadeI look to the bottom still empty still the sameI'm waiting for something to show me the way To the path that I ...

When Employees Selecting to Stay Were also Among the [Very] First to be Hired

Another Day at the Office

Steve Losh's indiscreet online resume[3] of sorts Plano Internet[2] (Dial Up Support Employee #1 [just me the first year]) -> Dallas Internet[1] -> Ethos Communications -> (same company/different names over time) -> Th...


Putting in Overtime for This - Pulling Long Nights for This - Yet We Never Stop Pursuing the Good in This

Another Day at the Office

Youtube Video Song Lyrics Ganyos - Shine It’s our time to shine Way too lit, we got the city goin live  It’s a hit ain’t no misses It’s a vibe  Stand in line, pay attention It’s our time Time Time  Time Time It’s our time to Shine Whi...

And Now on a More Serious Note, Have You Ever Felt this way at Your Place of Employment? Or at a Past Place of Employment? I Know I Certainly Have

Another Day at the Office

Youtube Music Video Lyrics Sixx: A.M. - Skin (Acoustic) [Verse 1]Paint yourself a picture of what you wish you looked likeMaybe then they just might feel an ounce of your painCome into focus, step out of the shadowsIt's a losin' battle, there's no need...

Keeping your Cool when Pressure at Work is Stressing you Out

Another Day at the Office

Bringing the main website back online one page at a time.  Please excuse the mess in the meantime. Oh, and yes, I do plan to start authoring actual page content to the site soon as well.  After all, what good is a website if there's just page after page of ...